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Arenal Hanging Bridges

Natura History Walk

With previous reservation we take you through the abundant biodiversity existent on our natural reserve. A naturalist guide will open you the doors of the fascinating and colorful tropical rainforest world through his knowledge of natural history. Also you can visit our new attraction on the Waterfall Trail and enjoy the beautiful Waterfall inside the rainforest. The imposing views of the Volcano from the hanging bridges over the forest make a perfect combination for an unforgettable experience.

This tour is a fun and educative way to know better our natural environment, since the contact with the nature during the rode is amazing. The trails have a design adapted for the transit of all type of people and covers 3100 meters of length located inside the mountainous zone. On the 3 kilometers of the long walk on our safe trails, you will be able to admire the great diversity of flora and fauna typically of the rain forest and also watch a great amount of birds, enjoy the beautiful and different types of plants, among other species that you will be able to observe during the your visit.

Our trails little by little, will be opening you the doors of the fascinating life in the tropical rain forest, in each one of the passages you will be love and learning from the nature. Our purpose is to offer you in a safety and sustainable way, a tiny passage of the kindness of nature and in this way take care of it for the future generations.

Early Birds Watching Tours
For birdwatchers we offer our Early Birds morning tour. It starts at 6:00 AM with a naturalist - ornithologist guide that looks for birds all over the place: the forest edge, the abandon pasture lands and the parking lot area and on the primary forest, into our unique trail and bridges… A great diversity of environments, for a great diversity of species.

Regularly we count between 50 and 60 species of birds during this tour, what makes it, one of the most productive bird watching walks of the region and the country. Besides the 2 hours and 30 minutes walk, this tour includes 30 minutes to edit the list of the species found in the morning.

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