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Mountain Biking

Price PER PERSON: $85.00 
Tour includes: Transportation | Guide | Water & Snack
Pickup: 8:00 &13:00 p.m. | Duration: 4-6 hours
Arenal Bike & Kayak

Flow offers you the opportunity to experience the two adventure sports of mountain biking and kayaking together in one amazing place. The mountains and lake close to the Arenal Volcano offer the perfect place to pedal and paddle in unique environments resulting in an extraordinary adventure.

You will be kayaking for two hours during which you will have the opportunity to visit an island, see local birds which include ospreys, kingfishers, neotropical cormorants and aningas and see mammals such as howler monkeys, spider monkeys, white nosed coatis and sloths. Also, you cant miss the impressive view of the Arenal Volcano and its constant eruptions with lava. After the kayaking is finished you will have a short break to relax, drink water and reenergize your body with some snacks. Then its time for an exciting mountain bike tour on natural trails that pass traditional Costa Rican neighborhoods and cross small rivers.

Distance: Kayak 6km, bike 16km.
Conditions: Moderate physical condition, 12 yeras or older.
Price includes: Transportation from and to your hotel in the Arenal area; specialized gear for the activity; water and snack during the tour, professional & bilingual guide.

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