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Sky Trek | Sky Tram

Zip in the Sky
Sky Trek starts with a tour in the Sky Tram to reach the top of the Arenal reserve, then begins a tour of adventure full of adrenaline above the treetops, which consists on a system of zip lines, that allows you to observe the rainforest and its landscape from a different perspective, safely in an innovative and different system.

The tour includes 8 cross-sectional cables that together have a total length of 1.7 miles with distances from 100 to 2460 feet, and with a maximum height of 660 feet, which exceed the treetops providing a panoramic view of the Arenal volcano and lake.

New Sky Trek Night Tour
Experience a totally new experience, the new Sky Trek Night tour combines the conventional SkyTrek but at night and with the possibility to observe the volcano eruptions and the nocturnal wildlife.

General conditions:

-For security children under 8 years old cannot take the tour.

-Sky Trek is a complementary tour of Sky Tram it can’t be sold separately. 

-People over 100 kilograms weight (217 pounds) most be evaluated by our technical staff (according to his/her height and physical condition) our staff will determine if they can take the tour.

Departure schedules:
7:30 - 8:30 -  9:00 - 10:30 - 11:30 - 12:30 - 14:00 - 15:00 - 16:00
New: 17:00

Explore the rain forest
Sky Tram is a tour for all ages and even for people with some disability, thanks to the space of the gondolas that fit a wheelchair inside.

The tour starts in the reception and reaches a wide observation deck at the highest point of the Arenal Reserve, from where you can observed the rain forest, the Arenal volcano and lake. The journey in Sky Tram takes around 20 minutes with the possibility of intermediate with short stops that will be supplemented with information of a naturalist guide. 

Once you have reached the observation deck, you can enjoy a walk through one of the trails with duration of 30 minutes.

Aerial Tram technical information:

* Austrian manufacture: “ Doppelmayr”

* Length: 1250 meters

* Six gondolas with six people of capacity per each one.

* Eight support towers during the trail.

* Capacity: 150 pax /per hour.

* Highest speed: 3 meters per second.

* Maximum height: 46 meters over the treetops.

* Duration of tour: 20 minutes one way (approximately) round trip 40 min (approximately).

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