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Monteverde Butterfly Gardens

Price for ADULTS: $9.00 | STUDENTS: $7.00.
Tour includes: Guide
Tour start: Open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. | Duration: 11/2 hours.

The butterfly garden consists mainly of various gardens containing habitats mimicing all the various Costa Rica habitats and their resident butterflies. If you find butterflies amusing, fascinating, or entertaining, it's worth a visit. It's not just about the butterflies, though. At the beginning of the tour, the most excited tour guide I've ever experienced showed us the butterflies' cousins - spiders and bugs. The first thing he did was pull out a large tarantula and start playing with it, followed by a few giant beetles, cockroaches, and other things. But I did learn that some beetles can survive being frozen solid and cockroaches can run around and mate for two weeks after you cut their head off.

See also: Selvatura Butterfly Garden.

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