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Monteverde Frog Pond

Price for ADULTS: $12.00 | STUDENTS: $10.00.
At our herpetarium you can admire over 28 species of frogs and other amphibians. Walk with our guide and learn about species that are unique to the tropics of Costa Rica. Come see extraordinary frogs, such as colorful Poison Arrow Frog, the very large Marine Toad and the famous Red Eyed Tree Frog.
After a guided tour of our terrariums that simulate natural habitats, feel free to wander through our exhibitions of frog species and their natural history. Enjoy our diferent paintings of natural scenery.
Come back for a second visit with the same ticket.
Frogs and toads are undergoing massive worldwide declines. We are committed the conservation of amphibians and we dedicate part of the proceeds from each ticket purchased to research and conservation efforts.
We hope to inspired other to do the same.

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