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Monteverde Bat Jungle

Price for ADULTS: $8.00 | STUDENTS: $8.00.
Tour includes: Guide
Tour start: 7:30, 10:30, 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. | Duration: 2 hours

"This is a Wonderful Attraction!"

The Bat Jungle is a wonderful way to spend an hour on a rainy afternoon in Monteverde! We happen to think bats are cool but even if you don't it is a truly fascinating tour and you will learn a lot and enjoy yourself. Our tour guide, Vino, a Belgian Biologist , led us through the informative part of the exhibit, and he was very entertaining and passionate about his subject. The Bat habitat is fabulous! The habitat is glass enclosed (so they won't be flying around you). The bats look very content and you can watch them eat their snacks, nurse their young and fly around. There's a microphone system so you can hear them too. It is just amazing to get this kind of up close glimpse into their lives. They are really cute!! Even if you are not a bat fan, they are very important to our eco-system and the bat jungle raises awareness and is involved in their conservation and study. Do you like bananas? Bats are major pollinators. So if you'd like to support a good cause and spend some time with awesome creatures you may not be that familiar with, we highly recommend visiting the bat jungle.

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