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Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering

Price PER PERSON: $90.00 
Tour includes: Transportation | Guide | Tropical Fruit Break
Pickup: 7:00, 10:00, 13:00 p.m. | Duration: 4-5 hours

Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering… Are you ready to go BIG!?!  
Canyoneering is a brand new sport that’s becoming very popular the world over! Near the Arenal Volcano, our rugged, mountainous terrain is ideal for incredible canyoneering options & huge, breathtaking waterfalls!
This unique, multi-sport adventure combines rappelling, down-climbing and river tracing in a deep, tropical canyon. Our Lost Canyon Adventure is an experience of a lifetime – go where very few have had the privilege to roam! Imagine yourself in the midst of thick rainforest at the top of a magical canyon full of tropical waterfalls with surprises each step of the way.

Save the best for last! The biggest and most-exciting waterfall is your last descent… you’ll finish with a 200ft-guided-rappel at the end!

Recommended for ages 13-55 in good physical condition. Special arrangements can be made for children between 10 and 13 years at an additional cost. Private trips available. 

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